COAA 2009 Spring Workshop

May 2009

Dear Members and Friends,

You are cordially invited to the 2009 COAA Spring Workshop. This year the workshop will highlight the topic of research funding.

We have two keynote speakers. Dr. Tony Liu, who just returned to Goddard after a 5-year stint as the ONR international representative in Tokyo, will cover funding opportunities in the Navy and discuss possible collaborations with Asian nations. Professor Quanan Zheng, who is finishing his 2-year stint at NSF as a program manager, will give us the inside track to getting NSF support.

As always, we encourage you (especially young scientists) to report your recent research results. The presentations should be suitable for a general scientific audience (i.e., not experts in your specific field). We ask that you keep your report brief (15-20 minutes). This could be a very good opportunity for aspiring graduate students to practice their public speaking skills.

Date: May 9, 2009

Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Room 2400 (Seminar room), CSS Building Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742

Style: Both oral and poster presentations are solicited. Poster presentations are especially encouraged and will be given a five-minute oral summary. Please specify your preference.

Lunch: Lunchboxes (~$5/person) will be arranged by the meeting.

Parking/Directions: See for directions. Parking is free on Saturday except for the first row in Q lot.

Contact Persons:
Dr. Ming Li, COAA Program Chair for Oceans, 410-221- 8420
Dr. Xianjun Hao, COAA Program Chair for Atmosphere, 703-993-4736