World Chinese Forum on Ocean and Climate (WOCO2007)

September 2007

Photo: COAA2007/WOCO2007

Haier International Training Center

The Fourth International Ocean-Atmosphere Conference (COAA2007/WOCO2007), was successfully held on July 4 - 6, 2007 at the Huanghai Hotel in Qingdao, China. COAA2007 is one of the three conferences hosted by the International Forum on Marine Science and Technology and Economic Development 2007 (8th). COAA2007 is co-sponsored by the Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (COAA), the Chinese Society of Oceanography (CSO) and the Chinese Meteorology Society (CMS).

Seeking to promote scientific and technical communications among oceanic and climate professionals around the world, COAA initiated, coordinated and facilitated year-long preparations for COAA2007. This conference acts as a forum to present the state-of-the-art science and technology, discuss new developments, exchange ideas among different disciplines, and expand professional networking.

COAA2007 convened a multidisciplinary conference, covering 17 topics including monitoring and predicting ocean variability and its relationship to climate change, ocean resources development, and environmental protection. There were a total of 271 participants. 59 of these participants were overseas scientists. The conference received 261 presentation submissions.

The COAA2007 Committee would like to thank all participants, guests and volunteers for their active participation and their efforts to make this conference a success. This conference was supported by the Ocean University of China, Ocean Press, First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, and city of Qingdao. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity and exceptional work.

With over 400 members worldwide, COAA has grown tremendously. It is our hope that these Ocean-Atmosphere Conferences will facilitate original research and stimulate novel ways to study our climate and environment.

The COAA2007 Committee
September 21, 2007

COAA2007 Sessions and Conveners:

  • A01: Nonstationary analysis of Climate Variability
    Conveners: Zhaohua Wu, COLA; Bin Wang, IAP, CAS
  • A02: Tropical Ocean and Atmosphere
    Conveners: Dalin Zhang, UMD; Song Yang, NOAA; Dake Chen, SIO, SOA
  • A03: Aerosol, Trace Gases and Climate
    Conveners: Shi-Keng Yang, NOAA; Guangyu Shi, IAP, CAS
  • I01: Air-Sea Flux I, II
    Conveners: Tim Liu, JPL; Menglin Jin, UMD; Chung-Lin Shie, NASA GSFC
  • I02: Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling Models
    Conveners: Manli Wu, NASA GSFC; Li Zhang, NSF; Fangli Qiao, FIO, SOA
  • I03: Data Assimilation for Oceans and Atmosphere
    Conveners: Tsann–wang Yu, Howard University; Hann-Ming Henry Juang NOAA; Jiang Zhu, IAP, CAS
  • I04: Air-Sea-Land Interactions
    Conveners: Long Chiu, Chinese U. of Hong Kong; Chung-Hsiung Sui, National Central University
  • I05: Global Environment Protection
    Conveners: Chien Wang, MIT; Kuanglung Fan, NTU, TW; Peiying Li, NMEPC, SOA
  • O01: Ocean Dynamics
    Conveners: Ruixin Huang, WHOI; Bo Qiu, UHI; Changlong Guan, OUC
  • O02: Coastal Ocean Dynamics
    Conveners: Ming Li, UMD; Daji Huang, SIO, SOA
  • O03: Indian Ocean Variability
    Conveners: Renguang Wu, IGES/COLA; Weidong Yu, FIO, SOA; Li Li, TIO, SOA
  • O04: Western Pacific Warm-pool
    Conveners: De-Zheng Sun, NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory; Faming Wang, IO, CAS
  • O05: Decadal Ocean Variability
    Conveners: C. K. Tai, NOAA NESDIS; Lixin Wu, OUC
  • O06: South China Sea
    Conveners: Tony Y. Song, JPL; Dongxiao Wang, SCSIO, CAS
  • O07: Sea Ice and Climate
    Conveners: Tingjun Zhang, University of Colorado; Zhanhai Zhang, PRI, SOA
  • O08: Marine Biogeochemical Processes
    Conveners: Fungchi Ko, NMMBA, TW; Xiaoru Wang, FIO, SOA; Song Sun, IO, CAS
  • O09: Marine Natual Materials and Drugs
    Conveners: Meiyu Geng, OUC; Guangyou Li, FIO, SOA
  • O10: Marine Ecosystem
    Conveners: Fei Chai, Maine U.; Huasheng Hong, Xiamen University
  • O11: Ocean Remote Sensing I, II,
    Conveners: Hui Lin, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Xiaofeng Li, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR; Delu Pan, SIO, SOA
  • O12: Coastal Zone Development and Management
    Conveners: Joseph Huang, NOAA; Shuxian Sun, FIO, SOA; Sangyun Wu, FIO, SOA

COAA2007 Preparatory Committee:

  • Quanan Zheng (Chair), UMCP
  • Long S. Chiu (Co-Chair), NASA/GMU
  • Ruixin Huang, WHOI
  • Menglin Jin, UMCP
  • Xiaofeng Li, NOAA/NESDIS
  • S. K. Yang, RSIS/CPC
  • Li Zhang, NSF
  • Zeng-Zhen Hu, COLA
  • Henry Hann-Ming Juang, NOAA
  • Kwo-Sen Kuo, NASA/GSFC
  • Sarah Cheng-Hsuan Lu, NOAA
  • Eric Yixiang Nie, StormCenter/GMU
  • Likun Wang, NOAA

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